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  • How do I book a session?
    Easy: -Call me at 940-902-2100 -Email me at -Message me from this website. Your choice. I look forward to speaking with you and being your photographer.
  • Where will we shoot the pictures?
    We can shoot wherever you want. I have some studio space, but most people like to shoot outdoors. If you have a special location in mind, let's do it. If not, I have a few places we can go. We can go anywhere. If it's really far, please ask me.
  • What should I wear for my photo session?
    If you're a senior, your wardrobe has to be mom-approved. As a rule of thumb, wear something nice that you FEEL great in. Wear classic styles. Don't get too trendy; you may regret it when you look back. Bring 2-3 changes of clothes if you would like. Jackets, hats and sunglasses make nice props too. If you have any questions, give me a shout at 940-902-2100.
  • Can I add people to the session?
    If mom wants to get in a photo with you, that's more than fine. Other than that, this session is for the Senior and those photos take priority, since our time is limited.
  • I have some wedding questions...
    Fear not. We have the answers right HERE.
  • How many pictures do I get for my portrait session?
    We will shoot a lot of photographs. You will have a hard time narrowing your favorites down, I promise. Your Collection can be a variety. Speaking of variety, the variety of your wardrobe selections will make photos even more numberous.
  • How much for prints?
    This totally depends on the Collection you select. There are certainly a variety to choose from.
  • How long do I have to wait to get my images?
    Approximately 7 days. If it is the busy season March-April or October-November, it may take up to 14 days.

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