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Your Special Day

You have anticipated this moment and planned every detail.  When your special day arrives, it will fly by in the blink of an eye. Trust me to capture every moment for you to enjoy for a lifetime.  Experience matters when it comes to wedding photography. That's where I come in. 
Experience More Experience.

Cottrell Wedding 10a.jpg

Sweet & Simple

I’ll capture images of your special time, and after the ceremony, I’ll make sure we get photographs of your friends and family too.

Call for more details and to customize.

The Classic

Your day will be fantastic and I’ll be there to capture it, including your ceremony, your family pictures after the ceremony and I’ll also stay for one (1) hour of the reception. That normally includes all the cake-cutting and bouquet throwing traditions we love so much.

Call for more details and to customize.

Simmons Bittner Wedding-09a.jpg
Kidd Wedding 07a.jpg

All in the Family

We’ll be there to capture your wedding and we’ll stay late to capture 2.5 hours of your incredible reception. Bouquets flying? – Got it!  Cake Smashing?  Certainly.  The first dances—absolutely!

Call for more details and to customize.


We will be there to capture you and your sweetheart getting ready with anticipation. We’ll also photograph the entire ceremony, your families afterward and your FULL reception.  From the first moments to the GRAND EXIT, we’ll capture it all.  Please contact me for specifics.

Starting at $2575
Call for more details and to customize.

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